This song makes me feel so much better when things seem a little less than ok 💖

Take me river, carry me far
Lead me river, like a mother
Take me over to some other unknown
Put me in the undertow

"And wipe the mark of madness from my face
Show me that your love will never change
If my yesterday is a disgrace
Tell me that you still recall my name” - LIGHTS 💖

I 💖 me some Kitten. * w *

idc how much you or I dislike Zooey Deschanel but, her music is damn cute m’kay 💖

^ - ^ 💖

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.

Befittingly, this is my favorite Tyr song. So glad I got the shirt with this album art on it. *le sigh~*

This song is actually about me. (y)

"I wanna drink until I ache
I wanna make a big mistake
I want blood, guts and angel cake
I’m gonna puke it anyway”